The Best Closing Sales Techniques

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The three most important things in the world of running a business are selling, selling more, and world domination.

But do you think that once you know the customer's needs, and you explain to him how your product/service works to meet those needs, he will jump out of his seat and make the purchase immediately? Of course not, things never go this way, and there are effective sequential steps to implement a successful selling strategy.

But how many times have you gone to your client with everything he asked for and the deal was not completed in the end? Do you think you are having problems completing sales and deals? How many times have you built a successful relationship with a customer that didn't end up selling? Don't panic, it's closing sales !!

What is the real meaning of closing sales?

The” closing sales” technique is a tactic that is used to close a sale. This technique should be used at the end of the sales process when it is time to ask for the customer's signature on the contract or make an offer.

The goal of this technique is to get the customer to say yes and buy your product or service.

You may offer a high-quality product and provide the customer with attractive exceptional offers, and accompany it with irresistible after-sales services, yet you are surprised that the customer does not complete the deal successfully. You have done everything with the required quality and efficiency. Does this mean that there is a defect that you have done or is there something missing that you should pay attention to in advance !

There is a wise saying that says: “What is more important than the work itself is the method of preparing it.” So what if the method of preparing the work itself does not suffer from any defect, so where does the problem lie here?!

The problem here lies in how to package this method and deliver it to the customer’s hands, the stage in which all the efforts made in its initial form evaporate to turn into a product in the hands of the customer, the stage between making a good profit or a hard-to-compensate loss, the stage of selling, dear reader, how can this stage be ended safely and get a successful sale?

We will address this subject in detail in our blog! Keep reading !!!

What are the types of customers in sales deals?

The sales process goes through a number of stages until it reaches the target customer. There are many marketing efforts that are managed first to attract the customer and direct them towards the final stage of the sale, but in order for this stage to be successfully closed and completed effectively, the salesman must learn to deal with the different types of customers that he will meet. as follows:

Suspicious customer

The salesman often meets this type of customer, and he is the person who is actually convinced of the service or product offered to him, but there are some doubts that he has about the existence of another competing product that is better than it, or that there is something missing in the sales deal until he takes a final decision about it. This type of customer is always the hardest in terms of the persuasion process, and it is also the most difficult in the way of guiding towards the sale deal in the end.

On the other hand, it consumes a lot of time in every step of the sale. It would have been better to distribute it equally to all customers, especially since the chance of being convinced of the product in the end may be small compared to making a final purchasing decision.

Angry customer

This type of customer falls into two categories, one of whom is really angry because the product did not reach his final expectations or because of the price difference between it and the competitor’s product or because there were no additional features he was looking for in the product.

The second is angry in order to obtain exclusive privileges or a price reduction. He believes that showing anger is the fastest and most effective way to get what he wants.

Very demanding customer

It is the customer who wants to have everything he wants in one product only, and this product must be cheap and high quality as well as free shipping and has an unlimited warranty period, and there is nothing wrong with the presence of additional offers with the product or exclusive services as well.

This type of customer also includes customers who refuse any suitable alternative to what they are looking for, and we do not mean customers who are specific in their requirements, but rather in the type of features that they are looking for, for example if the type of headphones they are looking for are present with the same quality and desired price, then they may ignore their purchase Just because their color is not suitable or their holster does not suit their personal whims.

Mysterious client

It is the customer who does not know exactly what he needs or may know but does not want to advertise it easily, in the desire to know all the papers of the sales official and work to exploit them against him in order to obtain additional privileges.

Specified client

He is a client who knows exactly what he wants, his available budget, and what the appropriate alternatives are, and he does not wish to be exposed to any other distractions. This client is characterized by being the best in terms of ease of persuasion, speed of sale, and flexibility in completing the sales transaction.

The impatient customer

He is the customer who does not care whether there is a demand pressure on the store, or that there is a crowded queue of customers, but rather all he cares about is that he takes precedence in terms of attention and that his order is completed first, but rather that every second that the representative is late is tantamount to Major problem in customer service will file a complaint direction.

Reluctant customer

He is the customer who gets distracted quickly whenever you give him many choices, as he does not know exactly which of the options is the most suitable for him, so with every option he is given, psychological conflicts intensify before him and stand as an obstacle to making a final, strict decision in the direction of the product or service.

Successful strategies for closing the sale

With the diversity of customers and the diversity of their purchasing response and the ways they are convinced of the services or products provided, the sales representative faces many obstacles to successfully complete sales deals. However,The completion of the sales transaction is not an impossible thing to achieve, especially in light of the existence of many successful strategies in closing the sale process .

The types of target customers are different, and the methods of persuading them with the product offered vary. However, reaching a closed sale deal is not an impossible task. Every professional sales representative must extrapolate the personality of the customer he is going to, and then work on applying the strategy that suits his personality and purchasing responses as follows:

Decrease the available options

The more you give the user many options and alternatives, the more he is exposed to distractions and internal conflicts that are difficult to resolve. The existence of several alternatives means that there are several advantages, and that a decision in favor of one of them may result in the loss of the rest of the other advantages.

Therefore, making a decisive decision may represent a difficult dilemma that the customer can not resolve directly, so either he ignores the completion of the deal now and exhausts the efforts of the sales representative again, or he decides to ignore the idea and abandon the purchase completely, and these are two options that no sales representative wants to reach.

Therefore, by simply observing indirectly the customer's behavior when choosing products or how he deals with the details he is given, you can extrapolate the quality of his personality, and limit him to very specific options that suit what he is looking for, and the fewer the options, the better.

Answer his questions before he asks

Each customer has a set of common questions that consume a large part of the sales representative's time and effort. With the representative's professional experience, he can prepare a comprehensive summary of all the details that the customer may need to know at the beginning of the sales transaction, in order to reduce the time spent in discussions, and gain a kind of initial confidence and reassurance from before the client; If the brand already knows the customer's questions and the problems they face, then of course it will be able to address them and provide them with the best solution.

Don't give up too soon

The customer may be demanding in the beginning and may be picky as well, but the process of persuading him is not impossible. Each customer has a unique entrance through which you can win. All you have to do is slow down in issuing any prejudices about him, and then focus on his reactions to what is being explained. Then find the best thing that excites him and give him many alternatives that highlight this feature and magnify it more than others, then provide the appropriate facilities and highlight the best of the organization’s exclusive advantages, then give him room for negotiation, and then you can successfully complete the sale.

Corner him

One way to successfully close a sale is to corner the customer, giving them room to escape; That is, you should not deal with the customer because he has many options, including ignoring the purchase process completely, but deal with him that he has already made the decision to sell, and your role is to reassure him of this decision and support him with many after-sales features.

For example, tell him that when he gets 1 product, the order will reach him in two days, and the installers will visit you on the same day.

Make it strong

Everyone wants to win great deals, so the more the consumer feels that the product is exclusive or offered at a very special price, or he will win exclusive gifts with him, the more he feels that getting it will represent a special deal that must be won, and the more this opportunity is limited to a certain time, the faster the sense of urgency will be to win There are more and more of them, and the more limited the numbers of the product, the greater this feeling.

Therefore, present your product with strong and catchy sentences such as :

"The product is offered to you at a special price. Next week, its price will change to *** due to market changes."

"This product is very special compared to the *** product, as it is offered with such and such a guarantee at such and such a price."

"The available numbers of the product are very few."

"Discount for one day only"

Make it negotiable

Sometimes it is difficult for the sales representative to persuade the target customer to buy the product, if there is a type of customer who does not accept the purchase of the product without obtaining additional advantages, in this case, there is no harm in bringing the matter up for negotiation but also winning alternative privileges from the customer, for example if he wishes The customer purchases the product in exchange for a 5% discount.

For example, this can be approved in the event that he decides to buy the product now, or in return for obtaining a 10% discount if he buys another product with it, and so on.

Have him interact visually with the product

Some people are not easily persuaded through logical or emotional appeals, but they must interact directly with the product or service provided and feel its advantages through the experience, so there is no harm in having a product offered and usable by consumers, with the aim of helping them experience the advantages the product themselves and feel the value they will get.

Stop listening without any execution

Listening to the customer is very important in saving time and effort in the sales process. You may spend time convincing a customer of a certain cheap product, even though his purchasing power is appropriate to buy another product, and he is even willing to do so. The customer may throw a small detail during the discussion that makes you realize which of the products is most suitable for him and which of the services that stop his purchasing power, so do not spend a lot of time talking or presenting the features of the product, as much as you give the customer enough time to express himself and explain what he wants or agrees with. his aspirations.

Give him the upper hand

No one likes to feel deceived, especially in the trading process. If you really want to win the customer and learn ways to end the sale deal successfully, you have to understand that the customer is very smart and does not easily fall into the trap of flowery sentences or deceptive phrases.

Rather, you must formulate your phrases very wisely. Understanding that the customer wants real service, not slogans, in exchange for the money he will pay. All you have to do is make him feel that the upper hand in the choices is his in the end, and that you do not force him to test a specific type of product or service, but rather you are willing to ask his inquiries and your task here is to reassure him of his doubts or concerns.


Finally, remember that the real purpose of marketing is not to sell anything, but to build the brand, and the real purpose of this brand is to build trust, and the real purpose of building trust is to give the salesman a greater opportunity to close the deal, and that maintaining a thriving relationship between you and your customer is a matter It is up to you, and the means of success in this are unlimited except within the limits of your own imagination.

And you should know that if you do not take risks and deal with the client boldly, you will lose a lot. Strike the iron while it is hot, and if the iron cools down, you will not have the same opportunity again, such as pushing towards decision-making in one way or another is beneficial to your company. If the customer decides not to buy, this will make you free to pursue other customers.

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