Top 10 Sales Navigator Alternatives in 2024

Updated Feb 2, 2024 — 11.655 min read

One of the most popular social media networks, LinkedIn is a go-to for marketers. But it’s not just about connecting with people anymore. It’s about selling too.

Sales Navigator is an online platform that helps salespeople find and connect with potential customers.

As a salesperson, you can use Sales Navigator to search for prospects by company name, industry, or location. You can also see who has viewed your profile and send InMail messages to people who may be interested in your product or service.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the many tools that can help you do both. In this article, we will explore what you need to consider before making your decision and how to find the best LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative for your marketing needs.

We've compiled the top 10 LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives to offer a greater variety of purchase options. You'll have plenty to choose from and take your business prospects to the next level.

What is Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a CRM tool that helps sales professionals to manage their leads, opportunities and accounts with ease. It provides them with the data they need in order to make the best decisions possible.

It is one of the four paid premium account plans on LinkedIn. It requires a monthly subscription. It is suitable for professionals and companies looking for clients. Its main purpose is to find more target customers and the best among them and potential interest in the target market to sell your products or services, and it also enables you to build reliable relationships with customers and target customers.

This plan is similar to the (Premium Business) plan, in terms of conducting an unlimited number of searches for people, but it does not stop there, so that if your goal is to sell to people, you can use the sales tools that come with this plan to target the right customers and achieve more of sales, in addition to benefiting from more InMail credits.

Sales Navigator Pro account features

Here are some of the features that you can get by upgrading your regular LinkedIn account to a (Sales Navigator Pro) account, knowing that the monthly subscription value is equal to 64.99 $ :

  • Communicate directly with anyone on LinkedIn or any job poster using 20 monthly (InMail) message credits, as (InMail) messages give you the opportunity to communicate with people who you did not add within your contact list, a feature that is not available in the LinkedIn account The basic.
  • The ability to see users who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, knowing how they found you.
  • Quickly discover and save the right people to stay in touch.
  • The ability to view and browse an unlimited number of profiles in the search results, and suggested accounts in first, second and third degree networks.
  • Obtaining recommendations from targeted customers.
  • Get insights about accounts, sales, and your target customers.So you can learn more about your target customer and how to purchase it.
  • The advanced search feature using (Lead Builder), which enables you to focus on decision makers and create customized customer lists, using advanced search filters.

If your experience with any of the different LinkedIn Premium accounts didn't work out, or if your career goals changed over the course of your subscription, you can easily unsubscribe from Premium and return to your free basic account.

Best Sales Navigator Alternatives for 2024

There are many different tools out there that have been developed with different features in mind. Some are more focused on lead generation while others are geared towards prospecting or customer relationship management (CRM). This can make it difficult to find what’s best for your needs if you don't know what you're looking for or where to start your search.

The following is a list of top sales navigator in 2024 :


Tomba Trustpilot Logo Trustpilot Stars 4.3 out of 5 | 14 reviews Tomba is considered one of the best competitors for Sales Navigator for the year 2024, as it allows finding potential customers to buy your product or service, not only finding them, but the confirmation feature is also available in addition to providing you with the phone number and social media accounts of anyone in the world.

They have a huge database that works in real time meaning that all Tomba data is valid and guaranteed divided by many categories.

Tomba visits billions of pages on a daily basis and collects actionable data. For every page it visits, it organizes any information that isn't in any other database and ensures it's constantly up-to-date.

Connect Tomba to your favorite app (integration) and expand your reach faster because it supports many CRMs and automation such as :

  • Pipedrive.
  • Airtable.
  • HubSpot.
  • Mailchimp.
  • Zoho.
  • Flowmattic.
  • Konnectzit.
  • Pipedream.
  • Integrately.
  • Pabbly.
  • Zapier.

Also, Tomba’s Extension has a way to keep you away from any other site. While browsing comfortably on the Internet, this extension can extract all the emails of the sites you visit without returning to your account .Extension supports many web browsers : chrome , safari ,edge …..etc .

All these advantages, but Tomba also has an email confirmation feature that guarantees you better results.

Tomba allows you to try its services, as it gives you paid and free packages that are limited compared to the paid ones.

With Tomba , you can capture leads, store them in a database, and track them.Or Establish a list of prospects according to your criteria (company type, activity, job title, location, etc.).



ZoomInfo is a Sales Navigator alternative that helps salespeople to find the right prospects, schedule meetings and manage their pipeline.

It has features like:

  • CRM intégration.
  • lead generation alerts.
  • company information and profiles of individual contacts.
  • Focused on the marketing and sales side of its business.

But they also offer a number of other features like social media monitoring and live chat support.

One unique feature is that ZoomInfo allows users to view the details of individual contacts in order to better tailor their messaging.

For example, a service rep can look at their prospect's work history so that they can find opportunities relevant to them .

They use real-time data to identify the best opportunities for teams, then prioritize leads on a daily basis.

ZoomInfo integrates with companies like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM for seamless workflow.

Apollo io

Apollo Trustpilot Logo Trustpilot Stars 3.8 out of 5 | 597 reviews Rating last checked on August 20, 2024 The Apollo platform offers a very complete prospecting solution.

Through the use of data intelligence and workflow automation, it is primarily a prospecting and engagement platform that helps companies acquire data, target and engage with their customers, and grow their business.

They have a huge database, where you can find prospects with the right profile. In addition to that, you can also get LinkedIn contact data directly from the browser, using the Chrome extension.

By automating emails, users can create measurable and testable series of emails.Thanks to filtering, you can target your prospects with precision.

What you can do with Apollo :

  • Accelerate the sales process.
  • Increase your contact base and enrich it.
  • Verify a phone number and email address.
  • Leads can be pushed to your CRM or other tools (or stay in Apollo).
  • Make calls or send emails.
  • Make sure your CRM database is up to date.
  • For websites or LinkedIn, use the Chrome extension to find email addresses and phone numbers.

Apollo is packed with features, there's no doubt about it. A long list of integrations allows these features to work well together. It is a flexible tool, users can choose the features they need. is one of the best tools for getting leads' contact details and engaging them quickly and efficiently.


Lusha Trustpilot Logo Trustpilot Stars 3.8 out of 5 | 597 reviews


Lusha is a tool that helps businesses. More than just an emailing tool, Lusha's features offer several functions that make it versatile and indispensable. Lusha helps you connect with whoever you want and quickly.

You can find an email, phone number or social network with a simple click. We have detailed all the features offered by the Lusha tool.

In addition to being very useful, Lusha is also very simple to use. After registering, you must choose the formula that suits you best. Choose it well according to your needs. You can add Lusha as an extension to your search engine.

Once your strategy is in place, all you have to do is take action. The best way to leverage Lusha is to get on LinkedIn and start researching whoever you want. There are many users on LinkedIn which is the benchmark for professional networking on the web, arm yourself with patience to find the rare pearl.

Once you have it, all it takes is a simple click to reveal its phone number and email, contact him and expand your professional relationships.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing and sales software company that offers to help businesses attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run inbound marketing campaigns. The software comes with a number of features including A/B testing, conversion rates optimization, lead scoring and customer journey mapping.

The HubSpot Sales Hub CRM is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that lets you organize your data and close deals quickly. The software offers tools for:

  • Engage your audience: Take advantage of email templates and follow-ups to drive more transactions. The CRM also records calls to organize data and identify business opportunities.
  • Optimize the customer relationship: the appointment planning tool allows you to schedule exchanges easily thanks to the shareable link system. You can also set up a live chat to encourage and promote exchanges with your prospects and customers.
  • Manage pipelines: assign tasks and track their progress, create conversational guides for optimized sales development, generate branded quotes, and access detailed statistics and reports to gain visibility on the entire process.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce is a great CRM platform, but it's not right for every business. Actually, there are some industries that Salesforce won't work well in because of the limitations in the platform. We know from experience that those are industries where other platforms would be much better positioned to assist you.

For example, businesses in the healthcare industry need to be able to store and access patient information quickly and easily. However, Salesforce doesn't have this functionality which means they can't provide this service to their clients.

A hugely powerful CRM, there's not much you would want it to do and not be able to. Try Salesforce for yourself and find out how it can help you organize your business.

It gives you the ability to add/remove features based on your needs. Depending on your industry and the size of the company, you may not need all the features of Salesforce. Being able to adapt the functionalities to your needs is therefore an important advantage.

Many sales people know how to use the tool. The reputation of Salesforce makes it an essential tool in the world of sales.

It is therefore likely that the sales people on your team or that you are going to recruit already have some notions if not more about the platform, which means you'll avoid training costs and time investments.

Seamless Trustpilot Logo Trustpilot Stars 1.7 out of 5 | 219 reviews Rating last checked on August 30, 2024

Seamless.AI helps businesses focus on what matters by providing a lead management solution that streamlines many of the processes they would have to do manually on their own.

It has everything you need under one central platform like contact search, data importing, and more.

Easily conduct account research using a wide variety of parameters with this awesome tool. You can filter by email address, domain, company name, location, contact info and phone number - saving you so much time!

Seamless.AI automatically fills out the company directory of your contact list with the contact name, company and email addressIt helps your employees monitor the marketing activities of leads across a multitude of channels, including PPC, content, social networks, mobile and SEO.

Additionally, users can utilize common connections to generate business-to-business referral leads by exploiting relevant contacts, accounts, industries, revenue, and employee counts.



RocketReach is an online tool that allows you to search for the email and telephone addresses of many professionals. The search can be done from a name, the URL of a company or a LinkedIn profile. RocketReach has nearly 450 million professional addresses, spread over 17 million companies worldwide.

This SaaS software is accessible from most web browsers. Likewise, it is supported by almost all operating systems.

The platform is compatible with other software such as LinkedIn-Zapier and other social networks.

A free trial is offered by RocketReach. However, for additional features, access to the platform is paid.

RocketReach offers the automation of your prospecting policy. To this end, the platform has options to synchronize emails, automatically detect and classify responses. The software also allows you to automatically manage your diaries, calendars and schedules.

In order to better understand how the software works, the platform offers online assistance and technical support.



Uplead is  a powerful B2B data provider to help businesses use data-driven insights to enhance their outreach. I produce accurate prospecting lists by eliminating bad-fit prospects and low-qualified leads within your marketing funnel.

With UpLead, businesses can guarantee the accuracy of their data and have a reliable, effective way to find business leads. With over 50 different search filters and a vast supply of contacts, you'll be able to pinpoint the perfect marketing leads for your business.

Additionally, the information about qualified leads like email and phone numbers are available which has made interacting with them simpler. Complex verification checks also help to ensure that the contacts you're talking to are of good quality

UpLead has a seamless integration that connects UpLead to other great services like Zoho and Maileshake, among others.



Lead411 is a B2B Marketing,Sales Intelligence contact database with sales triggers and accurate data for decision makers, so you can find the potential customers you can reach out to at the right time!

All paid subscribers can contact lists with criteria and data such as email addresses, industries, titles, job vacancies, IT intelligence and more. You can do” Tracking” Company News and Events.


For the company, the more buyers, the greater the sales volume. Therefore, the search for new customers through the prospecting campaign is essential.We talked before about other tools that give you the same search feature. You can read it The Best Email Finder Tools 2022 .

Time is money and our salespeople appreciate tools like the ones we mentioned that allow them to optimize that time and get the best results.

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