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Enhance your professional contacts list using Email Finder to add verified email addresses. Ideal for networking and business outreach.

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Upload a list of names with domains.

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2 Mohamed Ben rebia
3 Vineet Devaiah
4 Alex Maccaw

Get your file enriched with verified email addresses.

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Data supplied as of May, 2024

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Data from 76M+ domains

Search the biggest database of publicly-sourced email addresses.

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High matching rate

Get the most complete enrichment you can from your list of names.

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Verified email addresses

All the email addresses go through an email verification.

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Bulk Email Finder FAQs

Discovering Emails in Bulk: The Bulk Email Finder Explained

The Bulk Email Finder is a powerful tool designed for obtaining email addresses of professionals in large quantities. Users can input data via a CSV upload, receiving a file enriched with email addresses in return.

The uploaded file should include:

  • Separate or combined columns for first and last names.
  • A column for the company name or its website.

For smaller-scale searches, try the Email Finder.

Evaluating the Reliability of Emails Found by the Bulk Email Finder

The Bulk Email Finder taps into a vast database of public email addresses to identify accurate contact details.

Every email address undergoes a verification process. Those with a "Valid" status are confirmed as deliverable and can be used confidently.

For unverified emails, a confidence score based on several criteria is provided to estimate the email's reliability.

Origin and Verification of Email Addresses in Bulk Searches

The Email Finder's results can vary:

  • Initially, it searches for matches in a publicly accessible database of email addresses.
  • If no direct match is found, the tool uses other data points to predict the most probable email address.

In both scenarios, the email addresses are subjected to a verification process for accuracy confirmation.

Access and Pricing for the Bulk Email Finder Service

Get started with the Bulk Email Finder for free, with a limit of 25 searches per month on a free account. For increased demand, options to upgrade your plan are available.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, visit the dedicated section in our Help Center.

Where theBulk Email Finder can be used

A Solution for each use case

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Bulk Email Finder

Type any company to find a list of email addresses.

Bulk Email Finder
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Sheets Bulk Email Finder

Find email addresses directly inside Google Sheets.

Sheets Bulk Email Finder
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Excel Bulk Email Finder

Find email addresses directly inside Microsoft Excel.

Excel Bulk Email Finder