Tomba by the numbers

When you use Tomba , you access data from one unique source: the public web. Every day, we analyse millions of websites to index the most up to date business data.

Data at scale

We are the largest professional email database of companies and domains in the world. We have 150+m email from 55 millions domains, all bought together into a standardised global schema.

Direct from source

We only collect data from the official source itself, we do not use third party data providers to access this data, and we provide direct line of sight to the original source.

Tech driven

Combined with the above principles, our custom-built data collection, QA and reconciliation technology gives us a significant competitive advantage over legacy business information companies.

The Tomba team takes great pride in collecting, processing and storing large amounts of data for search marketing professionals.

We crawl the entire web 24/7 (much like search engines do) storing terabytes of information about live websites

Automated and rigorous processes

Our high-efficient tech means Tomba's data is better quality, fresher, and more efficiently collected than traditional competitors.

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