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When you use Tomba, you tap into a single, comprehensive data source: the public web. Our daily analysis covers millions of websites, freshest business data.

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Every day, Tomba visits millions of web pages to find actionable business data. Like search engines, we constantly keep an index of the entire web and organize data that isn't in any other database.


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Data distributed with Tomba has disclosed public sources.

Tomba ensures transparency by distributing data that has been sourced from publicly disclosed sources. This means that any information provided through Tomba's services is not only accessible to the public but has also been collected from platforms or databases where it was already openly shared. By adhering to this practice, Tomba promotes an ethical approach to data handling, ensuring that users have a clear understanding of the origins of the data they are accessing. This approach helps to maintain the integrity of the data distribution process.

Data that no longer has public sources is removed.

Tomba is committed to ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the data it provides. As part of this commitment, any data that no longer has identifiable public sources is promptly removed from its databases. This policy helps to protect the privacy of individuals and organizations by ensuring that outdated or no longer publicly available information is not distributed. It also ensures that the data provided by Tomba remains current and reliable, reflecting the most up-to-date information available.

Data subjects have control over their data.

Tomba places a high priority on the privacy and control individuals have over their personal information. Recognizing the importance of data sovereignty, Tomba provides mechanisms for data subjects to manage and control their data. This includes options to correct, update, or request the removal of their information from Tomba's databases. Such practices are essential in fostering trust and accountability, ensuring that individuals have a say in how their personal data is collected, used, and shared.

Websites owners have control over how we index their pages.

Tomba respects the autonomy of website owners over their content and provides them with control over how their pages are indexed. Website owners can specify their preferences regarding the indexing of their pages by Tomba through various means, such as using robots.txt files or directly contacting Tomba to adjust their indexing settings. This respect for website owners' preferences not only aligns with best practices for web crawling and indexing but also ensures a cooperative relationship between Tomba and the broader web community.