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Verify any email address with a simple API call.

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The Email Verifier requires an email address. It returns the result of the verification to know if this email address is deliverable or not, with the detailed validations made and a confidence score.


All our data is available in a simple-to-use and powerful API.

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Email Verifier API FAQs

Functionality and Role of Email Verifiers

An email verifier serves to confirm the existence of an email address and its ability to receive messages.

The Tomba Email Verifier performs a comprehensive evaluation of email addresses, checking for public visibility on the web and providing the associated sources.

Verification Method of Email Verifiers Without Sending Emails

Tomba's Email Verifier connects to the email's SMTP server directly, bypassing the need to send a test email.

Comprehensive Checklist Used by the Email Verifier

The Email Verifier executes several checks, including:

  • Format Accuracy: Ensuring the email address follows a standard format like "user(at)".
  • Random Address Detection: Screening for nonsensical email addresses that resemble random strings.
  • Temporary Email Detection: Identifying email addresses with domains known for temporary use.
  • Webmail Service Confirmation: Confirming if the email address is associated with common webmail providers like Gmail or Yahoo.
  • MX Record Existence: Verifying the presence of MX records in the domain, a necessity for receiving emails.
  • SMTP Server Connection: Establishing a successful connection to the SMTP server as indicated by the MX records.
  • SMTP Response Testing: Checking the email address for deliverability through the SMTP server, without sending a physical email.
  • Catch-all Domain Check: Identifying if the server has a policy of accepting all emails sent to that domain.

Probability of Bounces with "Valid" Email Addresses

Email addresses verified as "Valid" by the verifier are generally reliable. The bounce rate for these addresses typically remains below 1%.

Understanding the "Accept all" Status in Email Verification

The "Accept all" status during verification indicates that the email server accepts all addresses on its domain, regardless of their actual creation. This means the verifier cannot guarantee the existence of the specific email address and assigns it the "Accept all" label.

Such email addresses carry a higher risk than those marked as "Valid". To mitigate this risk, it's advisable to use only the highest quality addresses, perhaps those with a confidence score above 80%.

Bulk Verification of Professional Email Addresses

Yes, with Tomba's Bulk Email Verifier, you can efficiently verify a list of professional email addresses.

Cost and Access to Tomba’s Email Verifier

Each email verification costs one request. However, there's no charge if the verification fails.

Users with a free account can validate up to 50 email addresses monthly. For additional needs, our pricing page provides more details.

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