Email Verifier API

Verify any Email address with a simple API call.

The Email Verifier requires an email address. It returns the result of the verification to know if this email address is deliverable or not, with the detailed validations made and a confidence score.

curl --request GET \ --url '' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --header 'x-tannin-key: ta_722xxxxxxxxxxxxx'{ "data": { "email": { "mx_records": true, "smtp_server": true, "smtp_check": true, "accept_all": true, "block": false, "email": "", "gibberish": false, "disposable": false, "webmail": false, "result": "risky", "score": 70, "regex": true }, "sources": [ { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-03T22:40:06+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-06T22:35:29+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" }, { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-03T22:50:19+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-06T22:35:45+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" }, { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-03T22:51:54+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-06T22:35:56+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" } ] } }
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