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Bulk Email Verifier FAQs

Essentials of Bulk Email Address Verification

The Bulk Email Verifier specializes in authenticating a collection of email addresses.

This tool conducts thorough checks on each email, including connectivity tests to the SMTP server without actually sending emails, and various other validations such as email type, format, and status. It also provides information on any public sources where the email might appear.

For individual email verification trials, use the Email Verifier.

Understanding "Valid" Status and Bounce Rates in Bulk Email Verification

Email addresses marked as "Valid" by the verifier are generally reliable. The bounce rate for these emails is typically below 1%, indicating high deliverability.

Interpreting "Accept all" Status in Email Verification

An "Accept all" status on an email address indicates it is associated with a server that accepts any email sent to its domain, regardless of whether the specific address has been created. This uncertainty means that the Email Verifier cannot confirm the actual existence of the email, resulting in an "Accept all" status.

These emails are considered less reliable than those with a "Valid" status. We suggest using the confidence score provided by the Email Verifier for a more cautious approach, like choosing only emails with scores above 80%.

Access and Pricing for Bulk Email Verification Services

The Bulk Email Verifier is available for initial use at no cost, with 50 free verifications provided each month. For more extensive needs, users can opt for a paid plan by visiting our pricing page.

Subscriptions can be discontinued at any time.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, visit the dedicated section in our Help Center.

Where the Bulk Email Verifier can be used

A Solution for each use case

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Bulk Email Verifier

Type any email address to launch a verification.

Bulk Email Verifier
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Sheets Bulk Email Verifier

Verify lists of emails inside Google Sheets.

Sheets Bulk Email Verifier
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Excel Bulk Email Verifier

Verify lists of emails inside Microsoft Excel.

Excel Bulk Email Verifier