Email Enrichment API

Enrich any email address with a simple API call.

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The Enrichment API lets you look up person and company data based on an email, For example, you could retrieve a person’s name, location and social handles from an email


All our data is available in a simple-to-use and powerful API.

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Enrichment API FAQs

Utilizing the Enrichment Tool for Email Discovery

The Enrichment tool specializes in locating verified email addresses of professionals by using their names.

Essential requirements for finding an email include:

  • The individual's complete name you wish to contact;
  • The email domain associated with the person’s company, organization, or website. Tomba’s Enrichment tool will assist by suggesting the most relevant domain name when you enter the company's name.

Effectiveness and Precision of Tomba’s Enrichment Feature

Tomba's Enrichment taps into an extensive public email database to accurately identify necessary contact details.

Each email address undergoes a complimentary verification process. Those marked with a green "Verified" icon are confirmed as deliverable and safe for use.

Email addresses that are not verified are assigned a confidence score based on various factors, indicating the likelihood of their accuracy.

Nature and Origin of Email Addresses in Enrichment Searches

Email addresses can be sourced in two ways:

  • The Enrichment first attempts to find a match within our extensive public web database.
  • In the absence of a match, it utilizes various data points to predict the most probable email address.

All sourced email addresses are subject to a verification process for accuracy assurance.

Bulk Email Address Discovery with Enrichment

Absolutely! Utilize the Bulk Enrichment feature to upload a CSV file and populate it with email addresses, or leverage our Google Sheets add-on for direct searches.

Distinct Advantages of Tomba’s Enrichment Over Other Tools

  1. Tomba prides itself on a vast database containing over a hundred million professional email addresses, ensuring you access the most current contact information.
  2. Each email address found through Enrichment undergoes a verification check, providing a status and a distinct confidence score for accuracy assessment.
  3. The Enrichment also discloses the public sources and discovery dates for any email address found on the web.
  4. Complying with GDPR regulations, Tomba applies these standards across our database, not just for EU resident data.

Exploring Other Email Lookup Features by Tomba

In addition to Enrichment, the Domain Search feature allows you to explore email addresses linked to a specific website or company, helping you identify key contacts.

Troubleshooting Non-Results in Enrichment Searches

If the Enrichment doesn't yield an email address, consider checking these elements:

  • Verify if the domain name used for emails by the company or organization matches the one you entered. Sometimes, the email domain differs from the website domain.
  • Confirm if the individual you're trying to reach is still associated with the company or organization.
  • Check for any misspellings in the person's name.

Accessibility and Charges for Using the Enrichment Tool

Each successful email search through Enrichment counts as one request. If no results are found, the search is cost-free.

With a free account at Tomba, up to 25 searches per month are available. For additional searches, our pricing details can be consulted for further options.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, visit the dedicated section in our Help Center.