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Linkedin Finder API

Find the linkedin email address from a LinkedIn URL, with a simple API call.

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LinkedIn Email Address API


All our data is available in a simple-to-use and powerful API.

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Linkedin Finder API FAQs

Discovering Email Addresses Using the Linkedin Finder Tool

The Linkedin Finder facilitates the retrieval of verified email addresses associated with professionals' profiles.

Essential for finding an email address are:

  • The individual's full name you wish to reach;
  • The email domain associated with the company, organization, or website linked to the professional. Tomba's Linkedin Finder assists by suggesting the most relevant domain name based on the company input.

Efficacy and Precision of Tomba's Linkedin Finder

Tomba's Linkedin Finder leverages a comprehensive public email database to accurately locate contact details.

Every email address is verified for free before delivery. Those marked with a green "Verified" shield are confirmed deliverable and can be used confidently.

Email addresses without verification are evaluated and provided with a confidence score to reflect their probable accuracy.

Sourcing Methodology of Email Addresses in Linkedin Finder

Email address retrieval can occur through two methods:

  • Initially, Linkedin Finder searches within a vast database of publicly available email addresses.
  • If no direct match is found, it employs various data points to infer the most plausible email address.

Regardless of the method, each email address undergoes a verification process.

Bulk Email Address Retrieval with Linkedin Finder

Certainly! The Bulk Linkedin Finder allows for the upload of a CSV file to append it with email addresses or to conduct searches using our Google Sheets add-on.

Distinct Features of Tomba’s Linkedin Finder Compared to Other Tools

  1. Tomba’s database is extensive, featuring over one hundred million professional email addresses to provide up-to-date contacts.
  2. Each email address obtained via the Linkedin Finder is subject to a verification check, returning both the verification status and a confidence score.
  3. The tool also reveals the public sources and dates of discovery for emails found online.
  4. Ensuring compliance, the Linkedin Finder adheres to GDPR standards, applying them across all database entries.

Other Email Lookup Services Offered by Tomba

Besides the Linkedin Finder, Tomba's Domain Search feature is available for locating email addresses linked to specific websites or companies, aiding in identifying key contacts.

Troubleshooting Non-Results in Linkedin Finder Searches

If the Linkedin Finder does not yield results, consider verifying:

  • Whether the company's email domain matches the one entered. Sometimes, the domain used for emails differs from the website's domain.
  • The current association of the person with the company or organization in question.
  • Potential misspellings in the person's name.

Access and Cost of Using the Linkedin Finder

Each successful email retrieval through the Linkedin Finder constitutes one search request. If no email is found, the search is free of charge.

Users with a free account are entitled to up to 50 searches per month. For additional requirements, the pricing page offers further details.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, visit the dedicated section in our Help Center.