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2 blog.teliportme.com/be-like-san-antonio-spurs/
3 copyhackers.com/2017/09/cold-emails/
4 clearbit.com/blog/company-name-to-domain-api

Get email addresses for each URL.

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Search the biggest database of publicly-sourced email addresses.

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Get the most complete enrichment you can from your list of names.

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All the email addresses go through an email verification.

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What is the Bulk Author Finder?

The Bulk Author Search lets you find email addresses from a list of article URLs.

You can test individual searches with the individual Author Finder.

What is the accuracy of the email addresses?

The Author finder distributes email addresses found publicly on the web. To help you identifying correct emails, each email found has a confidence score that is calculated depending on several criteria, such as the quality of the sources, SMTP verifications, and the context in the web pages.

Is the Bulk Author Search free to use?

The Bulk Author Finder requires a premium account. You can choose the right plan for you, depending on the number of requests you need.

You can try out the Bulk Domain Search before upgrading your account. Upload your CSV to see how many email addresses we find, the average data quality, how many requests you'll need, and a preview of the data.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Where the Bulk Author Finder can be used

A Solution for each use case

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Tomba website

Type any article URL to find its author.

Tomba website
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Sheets add-on

Find email addresses directly inside Google Sheets.

Sheets add-on
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Excel add-in

Find email addresses directly inside Microsoft Excel.

Excel add-in