Email Finder API

Find any Email address from a name and a domain name with a simple API call.

The Email Finder requires the name of a person and a domain name. It returns the professional email of this person and a confidence score. If the email address is displayed somewhere online, the sources are also returned.

curl --request GET \ --url '' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --header 'x-tannin-key: ta_722xxxxxxxxxxxxx'{ "data": { "email": "", "first_name": "Tristan", "last_name": "Nitot", "full_name": "Tristan Nitot", "country": null, "position": "president mozilla europe operations", "twitter": null, "linkedin": "", "phone_number": true, "accept_all": true, "website_url": "", "company": "Mozilla Toronto", "score": 80, "verification": { "date": null, "status": null }, "sources": [ { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-04T01:16:52+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-26T18:06:20+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" }, { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-04T02:16:43+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-26T18:07:50+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" }, { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-04T22:18:10+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-26T18:47:13+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" }, { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-04T22:18:12+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-26T18:47:13+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" }, { "uri": "", "extracted_on": "2021-02-05T11:11:31+01:00", "last_seen_on": "2021-02-26T19:06:54+01:00", "still_on_page": true, "website_url": "" } ] } }
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